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The only ligitimate tear gas self-protection weapon

in Malaysia

Under the Military Act 1960, self-defence weapon has been declared as
one of the restricted weapons. It is legally useable with permit from the
Ministry of Home Affairs.


Unique design, Easy to use
This excellent gadget has an easily 
replaced gas refill. Can spray up to a
distance of 10 feet. It's approved by
the Health Ministry. No side effect. 
Work by smarting the victim's eyes.
It will cause the victim to cough badly,
become breathless and worst-to-be, 
can become sub-conscious for 30 min.


The stick contains about 200cc of Power Gas within itself. If you push the safety pin alongside, the lever for firing springs out. If you pull the lever with the front of the bat towards many people, the powder gas jets out up to about 10-15 meters. At a near distance from the offender, you may use it as protective bat.


Our Product

My Keeper is a kind weapon which used  for self-protect from criminal threatens.
UseWhen bank withdrawal, when you're alone, when back home at late night,
           when taking car at parking lots, company security use 

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